Your Cat’s Good Diet and Health Depends on You

Oh, what about the gifts those kittens brought you from outside? Some people have stopped and allowed their cats to go outside to avoid this. Avoiding this situation can reduce stress for the owner, but it can harm the cat. Think about the diet of indoor and outdoor cats, that would be the difference between eating live prey and commercial food.

I remember my former vet, Dr. Teague, who would say today’s cat writings are unique 40 years ago in that they have no living prey. He went on to say that whether they are insects, small mammals or reptiles, the immunological health of many cats depends on live prey. The impact on me is not as big as it is now, because at the time I was used to feeding in cans or bags.

Oh, how I love the convenience of taking food out of a can or bag, but nutritionally, I make cats hungry. The required meat protein is replaced by grain protein, starch, vegetables and sugary fruit. These proteins Not suitable for a cat’s diet. Cats are “obligate carnivores,” meaning that catching and eating live prey can meet all of the cat’s nutritional needs. Less than this number can cause many rare diseases in carnivores.

With chronic renal failure (CRF), I cannot count the number of cats that have ever ended up or are known to end up in this terminal illness. CRF is the result of poor nutrition and oral hygiene, which is very common in today’s domestic cats. This is not to say that if outdoor cats cannot catch prey on a regular basis, they will not be affected. Likewise, if indoor cats are properly ingested with all unprocessed foods and supplements, they will be less likely to suffer from CRF. It all depends on the type of diet your cat is getting.

When Kitty brings the present, it might mean more than you think. Think of this as the cat’s way of telling you this is real food, not something you keep putting in my bowl! And maybe not, because it depends on the time you feed the cat “commercial cat food” and the cat’s age will also determine whether or not he is a “junk food addict.”

I fight hard with two striped cats. One is thirteen years old and the other three years old, both are certifiable junk food kittens. Converting them to a completely raw diet takes a lot of time and energy, and I also need patience. The long-term rewards return my thirteen-year-old cat, as the last blood test found he had early signs of kidney disease. The three-year-old cat is arguing and the combat bowl is no longer 24/7.

Back to my opening speech about the gifts that kittens bring. Consider another possibility that your home, bedroom or kitten is bringing prey, it is considered its nest. This is always possible. I am currently having this kind of discussion with Journey (our Torte), and Journey insists that all meals caught on site should be consumed in our bedroom. More than 90% of her sleep time is the credibility of her study. You can bet I’m trying to change the position of the catch that she thinks should be eaten.

Even if she has free access to the house and cat flap outside, she will spend most of her time outside and sleep with us most of the time. Oddly, given that most cats are nocturnal, but other cats always do, I bet some are directly related to the feeding schedule we stick to. Feral cats only hunt when they are hungry and do not require two meals and snacks a day. Our cat’s behavior is probably related to eating the wrong food.

What is the correct food and what is the feeding schedule? Cats should eat whole prey (whether caught live or bought frozen), not ground food recipes available on the Internet. There are many live food producers on the Internet and some luxury pet stores. Let the cat determine the amount of food. Usually they eat larger whole prey for most of the day and stop eating when they are full. What I am saying is to feed the cat in the morning and give more if necessary, otherwise one time is enough.

Cats that eat a lot of high-quality raw meat are more energetic than cats that eat a lot of heat-treated proteins and are high in carbohydrates and sugars, which makes cats fat. When using a commercial cat food, cats do not have the energy to exercise much.

This diet is difficult for cats to digest and use, so in the long run, the kidneys and liver begin to degenerate and disease sets in. This process is not overnight, human or 70% gone before the test indicates any problem. A cat can survive on just 30% renal function but one needs to stop and hopefully reverse this process with the proper diet and supplements. Most veterinarians disagree with my action steps and to their credit they may be correct since significant damage to the kidneys has already occurred when blood tests indicate possible CRF.

Your cat could be suffering from many other things like dehydration, weight loss, high blood pressure, and thyroid function. Because of the possibility of multiple conditions you may have to “stabilize” your cat first with the recommended therapy that the vet recommends then improve on diet. One of the best resources for information about CRF from the medical aspect is Feline CRF Information Center.

Most vets recommend Hill Diet also known as KD diet. This is a can or dry food diet low in protein and phosphorus in an effort to have a reduction of protein the kidneys need to process. Sounds great except most of the protein in the product is loaded with junk proteins which do just the opposite that you’re trying to achieve. What is really needed is a diet that is totally sourced from good protein with as much phosphorus removed. This would be a huge money niche for someone to formulate.

Recapping, most cats over the age of 8 years who have been fed only a dry food commercial diet will develop CRF. The same is true for cats over the age of 12 that had a diet consisting of canned commercial food. Some cats get it earlier than others and some expire from other conditions. CRF is a progressive terminal disease that has a strong relationship to diet and gum disease.

Feeding your cat early on a whole raw diet and allowing it to hunt is the most natural prevention of early onset of CRF. The blood work and urine evaluation are the best ways to detect CRF early before more serious conditions begin but the disease has already significantly progressed in the kidneys. My website provides specific blogs concerning a whole raw food diet for cats and has many links to other sites for additional information.

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