Three Important Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Herbal Cat Supplements

“Why does my cat need cat supplements? She eats quality pet food, drinks lots of water and plays anytime, anywhere. She’s healthy for me. Why does she need nutritional supplements?”

It turns out that many cat owners have the same impression of it. Many homeopathic veterinarians believe that in addition to food, water, and shelter, herbal cat supplements are one of the most basic needs of domestic cats. I’ll tell you why.

Your cat needs nutritional supplements for three very important reasons.

1. Domestic cats cannot eat unprocessed, unprocessed food like feral cats. This is because most cat owners feed their cats processed pet food. Commercial pet foods contain many dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances. Make sure the cat food you purchase is certified by AAFCO and labeled “The animal’s nutritional fitness has been verified through animal feed testing in accordance with American Association of Feed Control Officials procedures.” This is the highest certification level.

2. Feral cats often eat certain herbs to clean their bodies. These herbs have healing properties and can flush toxins from the cat’s body. This way the cat can stay healthy and active. However, domestic cats cannot eat these herbs. As a result, toxins stay in their system, making them unhealthy.

3. Free radicals can cause a lot of cell damage and affect the health of cats. In fact, experts say the damage caused by free radicals in cats can cause serious health problems. To avoid this problem, your cat needs antioxidants. Unfortunately, most cat owners do not know this fact.

To avoid these problems, you need to do two things. One-you have to make sure you at least feed the cat. Two-You should give your cat high-quality cat supplements on a regular basis.

Look for natural supplements with herbs such as astragalus, mistletoe, milk thistle, cat’s claw and Indian ginseng. These herbs are very effective and are known for their healing properties. They can improve the cat’s immune system, strengthen the cat’s internal organs, resist free radicals that damage the cat’s body and increase its vitality. When taken regularly, they are very beneficial to the health of cats. Because these substances are completely organic, they are also very safe to use.

Herbal cat supplements can be another part of a comprehensive diet that supports feline health. So consult your vet today to see if your cat reacts to these types of supplements.

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