The Great Ban Wave of 2021 (WhatsApp + Facebook Data)

The Great Ban Wave of 2021 (WhatsApp + Facebook Data)

Look I just thought it’d be nice if we talked to some tech news.

Social Media Bans Trump + co

The crackdown by social media platforms on controversial statements made by U.S President Trump and his supporters has only intensified.

Since Wednesday when a mob of people assaulted the Capitol Building in Washington D.C leading to five deaths and dozens of casualties.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch

Facebook, Instagram, and twitch have said they’re suspending Trump’s accounts indefinitely in order to prevent the platforms from being used to incite violence.


While Twitter released the temporary lock on the president’s account yesterday before permanently suspending him today I didn’t see the tweets that caused the permanent suspension but I’m sure we can all imagine them.

Twitter also banned Trump devotees Michael Flynn who called for Trump to declare martial law and redo the election and Trump’s former lawyer Sidney Powell over on YouTube videos that make claims of election fraud are now automatically being suspended and receiving channels strikes.


Reddit has taken down the r/DonaldTrump SubReddit, and twitch removed the infamous pug champ emote because the guy whose face is depicted sort of called for more civil unrest on Twitter.

But then twitch announced the POG jab emote would live on but that it would feature a different face every 24 hours for the foreseeable future.

Wow. It is wild out there right now guys.

What about James. That is not Parker’s it’s not Parker’s at all. But don’t think about that stuff. Guys think about all the amazing products that we’re getting a sneak peek of thanks to the virtual sea. Yes getting progressively less and less content every year to wait until it’s actually supposed to start.

Early CES 2021 Stuff

Acer has got a 4k, 144 Hertz HDR400 monitor on the way And Sony announced all of their 20 21 TV will have Google TV built in.

But if you want even more Google in your home the next nest Hub will used projects solely radar to track your sleep patterns. ooh I need it.

Jlabs have these open-air speakers you can clip onto your glasses to make your funky frames look decidedly less so and arc X has a giant finger ring with a joystick to control devices for Bluetooth.

That’s actually kind of cool. I like that. I also like Kohler’s smart tub which can add fog in response to voice commands.

This Beth needs to be spookier.

WhatsApp + Facebook Data

The whole Internet, including US made a bit of a big deal about WhatApp’s recent update to its terms of use which made it seem like the messaging app was now beginning to share your data with its parent company Facebook. Elon Musk who is now the richest man in the world Congrats dude.

Even suggested that we all switch to signal another messaging app with end to end encryption.

Well turns out the joke’s on us because as Wired points out WhatsApp has actually been giving Facebook our data since 2016 and the recent terms of use update basically just provides more information on how they process your data.

That data includes your phone number, logs of how long and how often you use WhatsApp This is basic stuff guys, device information even location information.

But Facebook says they still can’t see the content of your encrypted messages unless they bring in Mark and tell him to use his Xray reptilian vision.

So most of the time there’s nothing to worry about.

Apple Talks With Hyundai

Apple appears to be getting serious about its ambitions to launch a self-driving vehicle at some point. As reports emerged this morning that the tech giant and carmaker Hyundai were in talks of some sort,

Hyundai’s value surged by nine billion dollars before the company issued a statement saying the talks were still like

super release and don't get all exact words.
It's super casual right now.

RTX 3060 Ultra

Speaking of hearsay and rumor mongering pictures of a noob in video graphics card called the RTX 3060 ultra have leaked.

The thought seems to be that this ultra card will have 12 gigs of RAM while the vanilla RTX 3060 will have 6 gigs.

but I’m just confused like the ultra branding is similar to the RTX super branding but it just says Ultra.

Why did they just call it so I’m over leaks man. This is stupid.

I don’t want to talk about them anymore ever.

Switch Pro

After this one because ScriesM. That’s a name a legendary figure in this. It’s a screen name James.

We have those legendary figure in the switch hacking scene claims to have found references to a Nintendo switch pro model which would support 4k in docked mode and feature an upgraded OLED screen in handheld mode.

I’m actually not excited about this because it would just make me sad about the switch that I do have.

Roku Acquires Quibi

And the ill-fated mobile streaming service Quibi, Quibi has and scooped up by Roku who will include the services shows and a free channel available on Roku devices.

The deal was reportedly closed for significantly less than 100 million which could mean anything really.

Oh, Quibi you deserve better than this. And actually, I wouldn’t know that because I didn’t sign up.
I refuse to quibble about that and I also don’t know how long we can continue this charade.

So come back on Monday for more tech news, will you?  please.!

Good Bye 🙂

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