What’s up, guys, this is the Razer phone 2.

This is the second iteration of their gaming phone that was made quite a splash last year, considering it was their very first phone ever design-wise.

 It shows a lot of similarities to the first one.

The overall shape is unchanged and we still have the same volume buttons on the left side, as well as a fingerprint scanner and power button on the right.

Razer phone 2Speaker

It also still has those massive speaker girls up front for amazing sound quality.

From the speakers packed with dual amplifiers, the Razer actually found the way to make this phone IP 67 water-Resistant without taking a hit to their sound quality or Dahlby Atmel certification,

which is a big part of the identity of this phone.

And I did get a chance to listen to it. I’ve got to say, they did a good job keeping the speakers really nice and loud and clear.

But of course, you guys know we’ve got to do some real day in the life testing to see how it stacks up in the real world.

Razer phone 2Display

And it also still has that five point seven inch quality steel display with a one hundred and 20hz refresh rate that Razer calls their ultra motion technology.

And I will tell you guys, it still looks really good.

This is one of those features that you hear about. You hear that it sounds good, but you don’t really appreciate until you see it in person.

Not to mention having a display like this is great for gaming.

And they’re also able to increase the brightness of the screen by 50 percent, which is a pretty drastic change, but very welcome.

But now we’ve got to talk about the showstopper on this phone. And that’s in the back.

So they actually managed to get their Razer Croma system inside of the Razer phone 2.

Razer phone 2 – Special Features

So now it has RGV lights right under the logo so that it can be customized to any color you like and even offer some different effects if you want to switch it up.

We’ve also included this app that allows you to change all kinds of settings from the colors to the battery consumption.

But I know personally, I don’t have that thing, have max brightness, breathing teal.

But they didn’t make this light useful beyond being able to match your outfit for the day with colored notifications.

So with this, the Visa logo will light up when you get a notification with a color matching the corresponding app that it’s getting a notification from.

So for G.M., the thing will turn red. If it’s something like Facebook blue, you get the picture.

Now, you might also notice that the back of the phone is all glass, which allows the phone to finally have wireless charging.

And with Razer being Razer, they also drop an accessory for the phone, which is their first Croma wireless charger.

And the lights at the bottom here look cool, of course, but it matches the same kind of functionality that you’ll see in the back of the Razer Phone 2.

This is a pretty cool dock, in my opinion, but I am an RGV lover.

So if you’re not going to just turn them off while we’re on the topic of charging the Razer Phone 2, is packing a 4000 millionth.

Razer phone 2Battery

Our battery, which is pretty much the same as last year, was had a stellar, stellar battery life.

Of course, I always want a bigger and better battery, but this is one spec that didn’t really need any tweaking, especially considering this phone comes with quick charge for.

 Plus, that’ll get you from zero to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.


Now we’re talking a lot about the physical attributes, but let’s touch on some specs. This one powered by a Snapdragon eight forty five processor,

which RAZER is claiming we’ll provide a 30 percent increase in performance coupled with their new vapor chamber cooling system.

This chamber is supposed to help heat dissipate throughout the body of the phone. so that he isn’t concentrated in one area which allows for better cooling.

So basically, when gaming or doing anything intensive, we shouldn’t be getting any hot spots or have our game stuttered due to throttling.

So that’s one of those things that we’re going to have to test in the real world.

They also introduced this app called Rasor Cortex, which helps users organize their games and the settings of those games.

This way, the phone can determine the best settings for you or if you want to go all out in your gaming or maybe even bring it down.

 And that’s to conserve on battery. You can have that done here by choosing which aspects of the game you want to enhance or sacrifice.

This could be pretty cool if you’re a really hardcore mobile gamer.

And in terms of other specs, we’re looking at 8GB of RAM, 64GB of storage with expandable memory,

and you also get dual rear cameras with 12MP shooters and an 8MP shooter up front.

but the guys at Rasor did tell me that they re-engineered their software from the ground up as well as change the sensor from a Samsung sensor over twist only sensor.

So another one of those things that we really got to test. I’m hoping to improve that because if they did, we might have a killer phone on our hands.


Of course, there is no longer a headphone jack, but the packaging does include an adapter with a 24 Bidlack.

So you can plug into your headphones along with that quick charge for plus wall adapter.

I feel like Rasor came out the gate swinging with their first phone.

it’s typically hard to keep up that kind of momentum when you first come out.

But they did a good job of adding some substantial updates here that I think a lot of people will be happy with.

And wireless charging is definitely a win. But you can absolutely expect to see some fingerprints on that glass back.

They will have this limited edition version that’s going to have a different material in the back,

which is going to have an anti fingerprint material.

But I didn’t get to see that version, but it will be coming out.

But that about wraps it up for this video, guys. I think the Razer phone does a really good job of checking a lot of box.

And I can’t wait to get my hands on it and really see if it keeps up with all of the claims that Rasor made.

Let me know in the Commons down below.

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