Natural Cat Supplements – Three Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing

Natural cat supplements can be beneficial for the health of domestic cats. However, you must ensure that the supplements you choose are natural, effective, and safe. To make your job easier, I’ve listed three important questions to ask before choosing pet health products.

Is it 100% natural?

Many supplements contain natural ingredients. However, they also contain certain artificial colors in the form of colors, flavors, preservatives and various other additives. The addition of such substances will affect the effectiveness and efficacy of natural substances. It also significantly increases the risk of side effects. Therefore, make sure that the natural cat supplement you choose does not contain artificial chemicals, gluten or animal products and does not contain 100% natural ingredients.

Does it contain herbs whose efficacy and safety are well known?

There are now many herbal products on the market. However, many of them contain herbs that no one has heard of yet. No one knows how these herbs work, whether they are safe for cats, or whether they can be taken with other supplements and medications. Therefore, choosing this natural cat supplement can be the secret to disaster.

Herbs such as astragalus, mistletoe, milk thistle and cane are used in high quality pet health products. The potency, efficacy and safety of these herbs have been fully proven by many clinical studies and the results are very positive. Therefore, you can opt for a herbal supplement that contains a combination of these herbs.

Is it high quality?

You can find out the quality of pet food supplements based on two factors: the method of making it and the method of extracting its active ingredients.

Manufacturing Process – Many pet health products are produced in unqualified laboratories without the guidance of qualified personnel. Therefore, before choosing a natural supplement for cats, visit the manufacturer’s website and verify that the product has been produced in a GMP compliant pharmaceutical grade laboratory under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist. In addition, make sure that the product meets the standards of DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health Education Act).

Extraction Process – The standard extraction process uses harsh chemicals to extract active ingredients from herbs. This significantly increases the chance of side effects. This is why holistic medical experts recommend the full spectrum method, which is a natural extraction method that does not involve the use of chemicals. Hence, make sure that the active ingredients of the product you choose are extracted through this process.

Benefits of Natural Supplements for Cats

Taking high-quality herbal supplements on a regular basis allows the body to naturally eliminate toxins in cats, improve metabolism, support vital organ function, prevent inflammation, promote cell health, improve vitality, and strengthen the immune system. They are especially effective when taken with a high quality diet.

There are guys there. The three questions listed above can help you find natural cat supplements for your feline friends. Therefore, buy good herbal supplements and take the first step to improve your cat’s health. Like feeding anything to a cat, start with a dose to make sure your cat can tolerate the additions to the diet. In general, high-quality herbal products are considered safe for your cat.

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