Mac Leaks (Apple killing the Touch Bar?) and More… 2021

Mac Leaks (Apple killing the Touch Bar?) and More… 2021

Mac Leaks

Ming chi quo the apple lekker, known for his pretty good accuracy. He claims to have some details about Apple’s next Apple Silicon Macs. Apple debuted a new version of MagSafe in the iPhone 12 lineup.

But according to close sources, Apple will be bringing magnetic charging back to the MacBook line in the next MacBook Pro, which will come with 14 inches and 16-inch versions.

Now, this might seem like just a rumor, but Mark Gurman, a slightly more respected apple leaf guy, said his inside sources had the same information.

And additionally, James, don’t get too excited. Gurman claims that he redesigned iMac is on the way this year, along with two Mac pros.

one with a smaller design and an Apple silicon processor and one that’s essentially an update to the existing Mac Pro, which will use Intel processors.

Now, whether these turn out to be rumors or not, there’s no question that Apple is making big moves, something that’s recognized by Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger.

Who told employees recently that Intel has to deliver better products to the PC ecosystem. Then a lifestyle company in Cupertino.

Whatsapp Delaying Policy Change

WhatsApp is delaying the planned update to its terms of service agreement that caused mass confusion among its users. In case you’re out of the loop, last week.

WhatsApp pushed out a notice to users, notifying them that they’d have to agree to the new terms and privacy policy.

Which included updates to how WhatsApp processes user data and how they integrate with Facebook by February 8th. Or stop using the app. 

That led to tens of millions of people downloading signal and telegram to messaging apps that, like WhatsApp, offer encrypted messaging.

The difference being, of course, that they’re not owned by Facebook. The smog of the data hoarding world.

It’s not a perfect analogy. Google also hoards a lot of data. Also, smog doesn’t sell his treasure and in doing so, hurt other people’s privacy.

QHD Gaming Laptops at CES 2021

Anyways, the important thing is Facebook sucks and we saw lots of cool stuff at virtual CES this year, but arguably one of the coolest trends we’ve seen in the realm of laptops.

Fourteen 1440P displays have been conspicuously absent from the notebook industry for a long time.

But we saw them pop up in a number of laptops this week, including the Razorblade 15, Acer Nitro 5 and the Lenovo Legion 7.

The world’s first 16-inch QHD gaming laptop. QHD is kind of perfect for high powered gaming laptop since it’s sharper than 1080P but not as demanding as for K, which is kind of pointless on a tiny little screen anyway.

We can think in videos Artex 30 mobile lineup for this, which is also giving us a bunch of thin, stealthy gaming laptops that will look more normal when you can actually go out in public again.

You won’t have to explain to that cute server why your computer shaped like a dragon.

you understand? Or she maybe there are.They’re just all into dragons.

RTX 3080 Ti Delayed

sources have apparently told Gamer’s Nexus. We’re reporting on gamer’s nexus now that Nvidia has delayed the release of the RTX 3080 Ti from its initial launch window in February.

And it may be that the community’s intense response to the ongoing GPU stock shortage is the cause.

Video Cards reports that there’s also an RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti in the works at Nvidia. But who knows when we’ll see any of those?

Well, if this ordeal has given us anything, it’s patience. Also crushing anxiety. We need a vaccine for PPU.

Exynos 2100 Faster Then Snapdragon 888?

It’s expected that Samsung will, as usual, use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips in some of its Galaxy s21 phones and its own Exynos chips and others.

But users with an Exynos model might not be so disappointed this time around. Specs for the two new mobile chipsets reveal the Exynos 2100 might actually be more powerful.

Then the Snapdragon 888. Thanks to higher clocked components, it could also be too powerful overheat and explode in your pocket.

But maybe it gets caught on video and that will get you on the news. And Stacey would think you’re a bad ass for surviving it. Lot’s to think about.

Google Acquires Fitbit

Google has completed their acquisition of fitness wearable company Fitbit for 2.1 billion dollars, even though the US Department of Justice hasn’t actually cleared the deal.

In fact, Google is still under investigation for antitrust regarding that very acquisition. Google says the DOJ’s is waiting period expired and they haven’t text in a while.

So they just went and did it. We actually have a thing to get to sound.

Microsoft To Fix W10 NTFS Bug

And Microsoft has said they’re working on a fix for a Windows 10 bug that corrupted hard drives super easily.

The user would just have to open a system folder containing a one-line command that could be hidden in a zip archive, a batch file, or even just a shortcut icon until the fix rolls out.

I play it safe and does not open any folders.

How will you upload your homework, though? You’re going to have to go inside the computer,

Time for us to go, I know this has been fun, but there is a thing as too much tech news, trust me

It’s not pretty.

Good Bye 🙂

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