Intel’s Ready To STRIKE 2021

Intel’s Ready To STRIKE 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuit

There have been plenty of sub-part game launches but cyberpunk 2077 may go down in history as one of a handful to spark an actual lawsuit over the fiasco of a release.

A report has indicated that this isn’t even a suit that will be brought by customers over a defective product instead this looks like a suit from investors who felt misled by CD project red One New York-based law firm.

That focuses on securities litigation has already put out a press release saying it’s considering action against the studio and is encouraging investors to come forward.

This weekend CD project red stock fell by 15 percent after Sony announced it was yanking the game from the PlayStation store.

So, I hope you put your money in a safer investment like bitcoinstill holding.

Ryzen 5000 Laptops

So, far AMD has only released 3 CPUs and this new Ryzen 5000 series and although reviews have been very good they’re slightly more expensive than we’ve been used to fours and chips at second what happens with market share isn’t it

However, it looks like team red will be introducing some new skews starting next month, reportedly we’ll be seeing a Ryzen7 5800 and Ryzen9 5900 which should be cheaper than the acts variants of those chips currently on the market albeit with lower TDP’s.

The other 2 excuses all are the Ryzen5 5600 G and the Ryzen7 5700 G which both have integrated graphics hence the G.

Although those ones look like they’re more for OEMs and DIY builders will be interesting to see what the pricing is you know,

If we were ever able to actually buy them from someone that is in the sculpture but you know aren’t all corporations scalpers. 

Intel 11th Generation CPUs

There’s also news today about Intel’s upcoming  11Gen lineup, it looks like if you’re in the market for a new core I7 or core I9 you’ll be getting 8 cores and 16 threads in both series,

While the I5 will stick with 6 and 12 respectively interestingly all skews branded as I5 or higher will use the new rocket-like architecture and have Intel’s new XE graphics built-in

But if you’re going with an I3 Pentium or Celeron you’ll instead of instead beginning comment late refreshed with Intel’s folder UHD 600 graphics it appears that clock rates across the board will be similar to the previous generation

So, hopefully, we’ll get some good overclocking headroom with these new chips and I’m sure teams hopes that they can stop getting trounced on by AMD than the value for money department. 

Rental Modem Fees Outlawed

A lot took effect in the US this weekend banning ISPs from charging rental fees for a modem if you bought 1 for yourself it sounds kind of crazy this was allowed to go on in the first place and although many eyes peas.

Weren’t doing anything this egregious some props on surprise we found a way to make their hapless customers pay for nothing almost as bad as Las Vegas resort fees.

Halo Dead On Xbox 360

If your halo fan that still rocking an Xbox 360 it looks like Microsoft is about to red ring of death your online play as the company has announced you won’t be able to play halo using matchmaking starting on 12/20/21.

That’s actually messed up you’ll still be able to play custom games if you have specific friends far away that you want to invite who also have that old game. 

But forget about matching up against some Rando taunting you in a language that you understand or to a voice that’s so high pitch makes even more mad at the flying you because our 12.

OnePlust 8T Concept

One plus has a new phone concept simply called the 8T concept, that features a color-changing back panel a special metal oxide film embedded in the phone that can change colors between silver and Blue.

And 1 plus thing that far from being just for looks it could end up being useful to indicate incoming notifications.  I like the idea of who was a little rings reference. My phone is blue. Yeah, it’s saying you’ve seen it before.

Apple Closes California Stores

If you’re an Apple fan in California don’t plan on visiting an apple store anytime soon, as the company has shut down all the stores in the state due to the guess what, the pandemic

However, you can still pick up what you’ve ordered online and you can also come in for any appointments you’ve already made. 

Those legacy appointments, no word on when the stores might reopen in earnest and allow people to put their grubby little hands on everything once again. 

Qween Christmas Broadcast on Echo

And Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas day address will now be available on Alexa this year, simply ask her to play the queen’s Christmas day message after 3:00 PM London time on the 25.

apparently, it’ll work whether you’re a loyal subject like me, or a traitor to the crown-like our friends down south I am not a loyalist. 

I don’t like she’s a nice lady that’s our show for today our next broadcast will be on Christmas day itself so tune in once you’re done listening to her majesty

God Save The Tech News.

Good Bye 🙂

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