Fresh New Android Launchers – 2021

Fresh New Android Launchers – 2021

Fresh New Android Launchers – If you can think of it you can probably customize it. That has always been the motto of the android ecosystem and more spending more to customize android than android Launcher.

So this we won’t be talking about a mainstream Android launch just such as Nova apex or action launcher etc.

You know it I know it rather some little non android launches. That has been recently released and deserve a lot more attention than they are getting.

So let’s begin.

THE RATIO LAUNCHER -Fresh New Android Launchers

I know it’s quite popular but then again it has to be on the list. The issue is an idea minimal and productivity launcher that you might already know.

But here’s what I like and how I use it. First of all is a first video facial that all the apps uprising the organized, but you can obviously reorganize them into different draws and photos folders,

And what I love about this is gesture swipe down and hold and then you get the dad app list. Also the draw shows you if there is any notification available the color of the app for easier indication.

Now swipe left and here’s where the interesting part lies. It basically looks like Google feed but a lot better minus the ads of course it already has few options to choose from.

Let’s see if I want to Nordstrom whether weekly I can have. That’s a simpler task.

let’s say if I want to stay updated with news from Dwatch or any outlet of your choice then I can also do that as well and now literally I have the list of articles.

Plus I can read the entire article here. Distraction free again no ads anywhere, now moving to the right. You have the space for all the messaging apps are sorted out.

It only supports WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegrams At this moment unfortunately there’s no signal support. As of now but you can manage all the messages and everything from a single place.

Seriously it’s one of the best minimal Android Activity launchers or does not move on to the next one. Next up we have. 

ZENIT LAUNCHER – Fresh New Android Launchers

Zenit launcher Which is a pretty straightforward launcher and looks a lot like an iPhone home screen, so similar to a phone you directly get to see the app drawer and then dock where you can pin applications,

And long press on the application will give you a quick shortcut. Now swiping right will give you the budget update you can add as many visits as possible.

There’s obviously a little bit of customizations like Theme changing icon bags etc. The only reason this launcher is on the list is because of the various design.

So every time you unlock your phone you will have to go to flat thought of application just to find the app that you are looking for.

For Example

Links if you want to open WhatsApp there’s no way to search for it. You just have to scroll down and down and down and there is WhatsApp.

See my point is that a lot of application installs and by the time you get to your application you will eventually lose interest in it. And that’s exactly the point of this launcher.

It makes it hard to find applications so that you don’t overuse your phone. However, unlike an iPhone, your home screen icons don’t have to be divided into two horizontal pages only.

They can also be vertical scrolling like the standard Android app launcher or you can even switch to a colorful card view layout. Up next we have,

NOVA LAUNCHER – Fresh New Android Launchers

But wait a sec. What is the nova launcher doing here? Well, this is the nova launcher beta which was recently released but many cool new features like you can swipe down to the app by going to assign a new app or a task to it.

Earlier It only had a swipe-up gesture. So now this WhatsApp icon if I tap on it opens WhatsApp obviously. And if I swipe up it will open telegram. And swipe down and it will open signal.

So I don’t have to create a folder with many applications in it which might also look ugly.

Ok, so here’s another one. The folder layout can now change to view in immersive format and it also will have a page view where you can scroll horizontally or vertically to get to more apps in the folder.

And then there are a lot more small changes here and there that improve the visual as well as the customization experience. And yes it feels a little bit smoother as well.

LETTERS LAUNCHER – Fresh New Android Launchers

Up next we have letters launcher and the fact that the names really represent the product. Well, that’s just amazing.

So the launch is basically a clear home screen with just letters and tapping on a particular letter will Open all the apps that stop with that particular letter.

The top portion is dedicated to the wizard. And you can only add one wizard at a time and that’s what the application sells as well.

Also you can free adjust the letters where ever you want in the bottom half and then change few things like changing the color changing the format etc.

Everytime you open the application it gets into the regular tab below and then obviously you can disable it if you want, a nice white wallpaper will really complemented and makes it stand out. Do try it out.

MINIMAL AGENDA LAUNCHER – Fresh New Android Launchers

If you’re a calendar kind of person and completing task give you a dopamine rush. Then this long and it’s for you.

So the app has the calendar available on the home screen all the time so you can simply swipe up to have a look of the entire calendar events or your goals.

Which are synchronized with Google Calendar and swiping from the blank space get to the app drawer very you can search for the application.

And it also gets you to google search from these search bar itself that’s all. It’s a pretty minimal launcher and it can get simpler than that, Moving on.

LAUNCHER – Fresh New Android Launchers

And the final launcher in this list is called launcher quite creative. This is a gesture based launcher. So everything that you do inside this launcher is based on gestures on the home screen.

It has a date and time, nothing else and you get 4 shortcuts Swipe up to being the app drawer, and swiping from the remaining direction will open up the defined application which you can change after setting it up. 

Like I said this is a gesture-based launcher. So everything that you do is gesture-based only, so you can also add 2 more gestures like double-tap and volume down to trigger an application or an action, but that’s pretty much about it.

So yeah these are some of the recently released fresh android launches. Let me know which is the your favorite in the comments section below. Which one are you going to try.

As always it’s we’re not signing off. Get you guys in the next one.

Good Bye 🙂

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