Could Microsoft have a Chance?

Could Microsoft have a Chance?

Could Microsoft have a Chance – You know I just really love computers. And news about computers

CyberPunk Removed From PS Store

getting kicked out of the store is super on-brand for a punk so it kind of makes sense that Sony is removed cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation store. players can thank the game’s pervasive Buggs and shockingly poor performance on the PlayStation 4 for the removal along with Sony’s strict refund policy.

players had trouble getting refunds seed because Sony couldn’t seem to comprehend the fact that the game had passed a store approval but was getting so many complaints like well it just just just didn’t make sense. 

Microsoft is leaving the game up on the Xbox store for now and CD Project red has said that they’ll give players refunds directly if they have trouble getting them elsewhere,

but the game’s removal from the PS store caps off a bad week for CD project red as the most anticipated game of the decade turned out to be one of the worst launches of the decade

if you’re a PlayStation 4 player who still wants to play something cyber punk-related there is good news though you can check out the new cyberpunk-themed items in death stranding which is. Hey. So many hours a week awesome the cyberpunk does training thing is only on PC LOL so that’s funny I guess.

Microsoft Designing it’s own Arm Chips?

Microsoft is reportedly working on developing its own custom-designed arm processors for use in the company’s cloud servers and possibly future surface devices while the surface pro acts which initially released the last year are powered by the Microsoft SQ2 processor I like to call it that ski doo for short. 

It actually isn’t designed by Microsoft at all they worked with Qualcomm to modify that company’s existing laptop SOC the snapdragon 8 CX. so an arm processor designed fully in the house could help Microsoft compete with apple silicon powered arm mac books,

now Bloomberg’s sources say Microsoft arm chip is being developed in the company’s as your department not in the service division so don’t get your hopes up yet if you’re an art fanatic like me I love arms they’re great I love to bear them

SolarWinds Hack

this week US cybersecurity officials revealed that multiple US government departments and prominent corporations were hit by an extremely sophisticated and dangerous cyber attack the hackers were able to exploit a backdoor in IT.

software called a Ryan made by Texas-based solar winds to breach the networks of Microsoft the energy and commerce department the national nuclear security administration, oops the security firm FireEye and more

Microsoft was able to partially mitigate the security hole used by the hackers but it’s believed that they might have had access to these networks since March,

all federal representatives haven’t said who they think is responsible for the hack but some have pointed the finger at cozy bear the group believed to be sponsored by the Russian government


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Google Antitrust Lawsuit Again

Now Google has been served with its second antitrust lawsuit of the week and it’s a third of the year this one comes from a coalition of 38 states and accuses the protect giant of favoring its own products in search results

Google responded with a blog post that said we’ve sold so few pixel phones we couldn’t possibly be favoring their own devices, I mean we’ve basically given up on these things like this we don’t even put flagship processors in them anymore just kidding that’s not what they said.

Google responded with a blog post that said that re-designing Google search would hurt the internet and you don’t want to hurt the internet do you.

Facebook V Apple

Facebook is doubling down on its attacks against apple who plans an update for iOS 14 that would allow users to block apps from tracking them for advertising apple has now responded saying that Facebook can still track users just like it did before if the users let them do it. 

And Facebook if you think that’s bad you might be the bad one.

DJI Blacklisted By US Government

the US government apparently thinks Chinese companies are bad in general so they’ve added dozens of them to the country’s entity list which is essentially our blacklist for companies that aren’t allowed to do business with the US.

Among the new additions are drone companies DJI and SMIC one of China’s biggest chipmakers never tasted Chinese chips do they taste red.

Spotify Available On The Epic Games Store

Epic Games has announced Spotify is now available on the epic games store, which sort of makes sense since the 2 companies are United in their hate for the apple tax, it’s also noteworthy though because it’s the first nongame listing on the epic games store,

 maybe epic is gearing up to make the case that they have a robust app store that can compete with apple’s,  Look we have Spotifyyyy… 

We Teleported Qubits, Man

Finally, a joint team of scientists has successfully teleported cubits across approximately 27 miles of fiber optic cable, of course, this isn’t like actual teleportation involves transmitting information using entangled photons that near each other states despite being separate across vast distances

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