Six Step Plan to Prevent Cat Urinary Tract Problems

Today, for many reasons such as poor nutrition, insufficient drinking water and lack of exercise, problems with the urinary system of cats are becoming more common. They cause a lot of pain and discomfort in cats. For a cat owner, nothing is more difficult than watching his furry friend throw and throw. The good news is that urinary problems in cats can be easily prevented.

Many people mistakenly believe that urinary tract problems in cats are hereditary and cannot be prevented. While it is true that certain breeds are genetically prone to urination problems, this does not mean that these problems cannot be prevented. They can be prevented with certain dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and the help of natural remedies. In this article, I’ll share with you a simple, easy-to-implement 6-step plan for preventing cats from having urinary problems.

first step

If you want to feed cat food for cats, make sure it is AAFCO certified. Keep in mind that there are two levels of certification, a higher level and a lower level. Make sure your cat’s diet includes foods labeled “Nutritive Adequacy Verified by Feed Testing in Accordance with American Association of Feed Control Officials Protocol.” It should also say “tested to prove sufficient”. The lower AAFCO cat food standard is “designed to meet the AAFCO standard.

I am not a staunch advocate of the home cooking diet for cats as these are the 40 nutrients in cat food. Over time, they have achieved a perfect balance so that your cat can stay healthy and fight disease. Great opportunity. That said, if you are working with a veterinary nutritionist and using the correct dosage of supplements then this method is certainly ideal, but it is difficult to do. Opt for branded food as these companies have a long history and good reputation, so they will be made by your cat. Closed).

I always tell cats about organic food, expensive food, etc., just like I do myself. If you buy organic food for your family, you can do the same with your cat, but remember it still needs to be AAFCO certified.

Second step

Make sure your cat drinks plenty of water. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent urinary tract problems in cats. As for tap water, filtered water and bottled water, both for your cat and for your family. If the quality of the tap water is high (in my house, for example), then tap water is good for your family and your cat. As an added step, a simple carbon filter (such as Brita) will help remove any impurities from the water.

In addition, cats would rather get water or water from food than get water or water directly from drinking water. This is what they found in the wild. Since canned cat food contains much more moisture than dry food, consider replacing your cat gradually if it is prone to urinary tract infections in cats.

You can also add some currant juice to the water in the morning. Berries have natural properties that keep the infection from sticking to the bladder wall and help prevent any problems with cat bladder infections.

Even placing extra drip trays in other areas of the house can help.

third step

Keep the litter box clean. Cats are known for their sense of cleanliness. If the litter box is dirty, your cat may be reluctant to use it and absorb urine for a long time, which will greatly increase the risk of urinary problems. Therefore, clean the litter box regularly and make sure your cat has a clean place for work.

Feline urinary tract infections usually start when bacteria enter the cat’s body through the same tube that drains urine from the body. Therefore, frequent urination (due to water ingress) and a clean litter box are essential.

the fourth step

Bathe regularly. If your cat is dirty, bacteria can easily enter his body through the urethra. The presence of harmful bacteria in the bladder can cause urinary tract problems in some cats. To avoid this, keep the cat clean. You can bathe your cat with mild soap and shampoo prescribed by your vet.

the fifth step

Exercise your cat regularly. Regular exercise can strengthen the cat’s limbs, stimulate its bladder and improve its overall health. Therefore, provide some interactive toys for the cat and make sure that he remains physically active. This is an important step in the cat urethral problem prevention plan. Kong toys are great because they hide a piece of food inside the toy, giving your cat more play time and intellectual stimulation.

Sixth step

so treat and prevent common cat urinary tract problems like incontinence and frequent urination. These supplements, when given every day, can reduce the risk of urinary problems to a great extent and make your cat healthier naturally.

The six-step plan looks pretty simple, right? It is easy to follow and has absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Most importantly, it is very effective. So, if you want to prevent cat urinary tract problems and keep your cat healthy, implement this plan immediately. The results, I assure, will surprise you.

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