What Is The Best Cat Food For Optimum Health?

What is the best cat food? This is a problem that often occurs in people who are looking for solutions to health problems, who want to find the best for new family members, or who are looking for health themselves.

Diet is the cornerstone of health. No one will live well as a result of an improper diet. This is a universal fact. It will never change. This is Eternal.

Today, the company is full of facts that convince you to provide tangible facts that do not reverse this fact. You may believe them, but your or your cat’s health will be proven.

Many people think their cats do well with dry or canned food. What they really mean is that their cat has not yet succumbed to a serious illness.

The reason for this is that everyone’s body will do everything it can to stay healthy, even if the diet is wrong or malnourished. This means that it takes time for ill health to develop. Chronic diseases have been “brewed” for a long time before they become apparent. Cats are very good at hiding disease early on.

Before tumors, kidney failure, liver failure, or stroke, everyone was fine.

So what’s wrong with commercial cat food?

The moisture content of dry cat food is (of course) very low. Too low for cats.
The carbohydrate content in commercial cat food is too high.
The content of high-quality animal protein in commercial cat food is not high enough.
So let’s take a look at these aspects.

1 A cat’s prey has all the fluids it needs to keep the cat healthy. This means that cats naturally will not drink too much. Even cats who drink more on a dry food diet rarely drink enough water, perhaps half of what they should drink. This means that they are more sensitive to kidney and bladder problems. Since cats are more prone to kidney problems than any other cat, this can only tell you how healthy the dry food is.

For cats, you can use the litter box as a guide. A cat with good water will urinate more than a cat with small water. They regularly flush the system.

Cats are carnivores. Real meat-eaters. They are not omnivores or herbivores. They evolved to consume meat instead of carbohydrates. They can consume a small number of carbohydrates from their prey’s stomach. But this can make up 1% of the diet. In commercial cat food, 50-70% is not as common.

Cats cannot absorb the high amounts of carbohydrates from commercial cat food. Their system has not yet been developed for this. A carbohydrate-rich diet is one of the main causes of diabetes in cats.

What is the best cat food for cats with diabetes? Can prescription diet help?

Considering the diseases caused by commercial cat food, how likely is it that a similar diet will help them? Food is still high in carbohydrates. It may still be dry. It is impossible to contain high-quality animal protein, as all of these proteins go to the more profitable human market.

3 Commercial cat food contains poor quality meat (by-products such as hooves, intestines, head or fat) or is inherently unbalanced. Muscle meat should make up a greater proportion of organ meat, but this will not happen because of the higher price of muscle meat in the human market.

The problems faced by cats fed a diet high in carbohydrates and low in animal protein (quality or balanced) are kidney, bowel, liver and respiratory problems, as well as obesity, cancer, leukemia and other problems.

So, what’s the best cat food for cats with chronic diseases? The people who can prevent such diseases are the same people. This is their continuous development process. Naturally healthy cats fed a diet of a specific species are more resistant to chronic disease than cats fed commercial cat food. They can also regain their health and recover from serious chronic illness.

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